“The best way to predict the future, is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

For those of you who are parents, you probably spend much time thinking about your children’s development. What school will you send them to? What is the curriculum? What type of learning will they receive? How are they developing as human beings?

After individuals graduate from university and get their first jobs, most of them stop putting so much effort into their growth & development, which limits their potential and therefore the potential of their organisations.

With increasingly competitive business landscapes, multigenerational and multicultural workforces, rising complexities and a quicker pace of life, organisations need to develop multiple intelligences within their teams – intellectual, emotional and even spiritual.

Research suggests that a very significant percentage of organisational success comes from intangible assets – namely skilled employees who have the necessary knowledge required for their job along with higher emotional awareness. Whether it is in David’s 1-to-1 coaching, or his workshops, his ultimate goal is to allow individuals to grow and transform, thus ridding themselves of limiting beliefs/fears which impede their potential and performance.

David co-creates programs and 1-to-1 sessions with organisations ensuring that:

  • They are aligned with business strategies/priorities
  • Employee capabilities and gaps are assessed
  • The learning journey is carefully designed
  • The impact can be measured

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