“We cannot solve problems at the same level of consciousness where they were created” – Albert Einstein

Great leaders have a profound awareness of their own perception, the perception of others and the interconnectedness of it all. They understand that ‘where there is perception – there is deception’ and use this understanding in their reflection to solve complex problems. If a leader is part of the problem and cannot see it, then how is it possible for them to be part of the solution?

Through workshops and coaching, David enables leaders to grow and get connected to the bigger picture. Individuals go on a journey of self-discovery and become more aware of their inner world, where they discover how their needs, values, priorities, thoughts and feelings all impact the behaviours they show in their organisations.

Using ancient wisdom & well-researched concepts such as adult development theory, levels of personal & organisational consciousness, emotional & spiritual intelligence and other tools too, David helps leaders grow, inspire others and impact their organisations.