Professionalism. Integrity. Congruency. Compassion.


        David is very clear and makes all topics interesting with the examples that he uses.             I enjoyed it. David is a good speaker, I loved his honesty and he was so generous in sharing his knowledge.             David approaches everything with love. He is a clear communicator with the right amount of personal input.             I really enjoyed David's open, positive style of communication & allowing conversations to flow organically.             David is very energetic and people-oriented.             David is very enthusiastic and genuine. He knows how to control the class and keep everything relevant.             David’s style motivated me to be engaged all along the process.             David is energetic, powerful, insightful, fun, professional and enthusiastic.             David’s stories were amazing and he opened up setting an example for us to open up too.             David was fun, relaxed, genuine, caring & well-prepared.     

David is an Executive Coach, Facilitator of Leadership Transformation, NLP Master Trainer and mentor with 19 years of professional work experience (14 years in the UAE). His passion lies in helping leaders raise their awareness, resulting in personal & organisational transformation. He has undertaken executive coaching, leadership development & cultural transformation initiatives, with executives, multinational corporations and government entities across the Middle East.

Coming from Arabic/Greek roots while being raised and educated in North America and Europe, has allowed David to integrate well with clients and colleagues of all nationalities and has given him a solid understanding of business conduct in the Middle East and abroad. This experience allows him to be sensitive to the cultural differences that exist, and he uses this knowledge in his approach.

David’s journey into leadership development & cultural transformation began in his 12-year career as a management consultant, where he undertook Change Management training, facilitated Change Management programs & delivered soft-skills training for private sector corporations in the Middle East and Turkey. His love for this domain set him off on a lifelong learning journey that, to date, has led him to study coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), transformational leadership facilitation, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, mentoring, cultural transformation, team effectiveness and psychometrics.

David provides coaching services with the aim of helping executives perform better in their professional & personal lives. The goal is to realize the full potential of each client, while decreasing their interferences which emerge via self-limiting beliefs and obstacles – thus increasing peak performance. Coming from an analytical background (Engineering/MBA/Management Consulting), David is very pragmatic and excels in helping clients objectively create strategies for themselves to succeed in their professional lives.  However, his extroverted & open personality, coaching training, and intuition allows for great rapport and creates a safe place, where clients can have powerful insights in their professional & personal developmental journey.

David has worked with many corporations and government entities including Etihad Airways, HSBC Bank, the Prysmian Group, Oliver Wyman Consulting, the Dubai Government and many others. Executives embarking on a journey with David can expect to feel inspired, learn new skillsets, shift their leadership style, transform personally, be liberated and have fun; all while learning in an engaging and compassionate environment. Furthermore, due to his exposure to many public and private sector firms in the region, at a management level, executives can expect David to also understand the challenges of leadership within their organisation and the region as a whole.

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Early Life

David was born in Montreal, Canada. His father Samir immigrated to Canada from Egypt while his mother Maria arrived from Greece – there they met in the 1970s and have never left since.

As a young child David’s father taught him the ethic of hard work and personal development. Whether it was shovelling snow, fixing plumbing issues, repairing the car, cutting grass or redoing the roof, David was always right there by his dad’s side doing this work. David’s father also encouraged him to study hard throughout his childhood and push his boundaries of knowledge acquisition.

David’s mother instilled in him the value of care, love and compassion and was always there to heighten his emotional and spiritual intelligence from a young age. Concepts that he teaches leaders today for professional & personal growth and awareness, remind David of the learnings passed onto him from his mother in his childhood.

In his teenage years David had many part-time jobs including cooking at McDonald’s, planting grass for his municipality, supervising skating at the local arena and even escorting prisoners from correctional institutions to do volunteer work – but it was always a given that he would attend university. David studied Electrical Engineering and worked in the Satellite Telecommunications sector, designing, installing and testing earth stations for global communications. While working as an Engineer David travelled to Panama to work on a project for a couple of months. This trip sparked David’s awareness of his love of travel, languages and cultural diversity. From there he would return to school to do his MBA, travel to Germany on exchange, and live the life of an expat in Brazil & the UAE after that.

Mission & Values

David’s mission is to help organisations succeed by unlocking peak performance & raising awareness – both for individuals and for teams – one leader at a time.

His key values in life include love for family/community, well-being, congruency, helping/guiding others, professionalism, integrity & continuous learning/personal growth. Every day, David strives to balance his spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical intelligences. He has a meditation, gratitude & visualization practice, does pro-bono coaching, speaks at his Toastmasters club, reads books on spirituality & leadership development, studies languages (he speaks 7 – English, French, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, German & Arabic – with a goal of speaking 10) and engages in several forms of physical exercise.

Transition / Change

David has many experiences in the crossroads of life – be it:

  • Starting a new career: He has worked as an Engineer and a Management Consultant, and now as an Executive Coach, Facilitator of Transformational Leadership & Trainer
  • Studying new programs: He studied Electrical Engineering, did his MBA, became an ICF certified coach, and a licensed NLP Master Practitioner, among many other certifications which he holds
  • Moving to new countries: He has moved to Germany, UAE and Brazil with no job or security blanket and has taken many risks which has shaped him and allowed him to reach where he is at in his journey
  • Learning new languages: He was raised speaking English, French & Greek – he took it upon himself to learn Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic and now Italian & Russian (Japanese to come soon); and
  • Adapting to new cultures – By ethnicity he is Greek, Egyptian and Lebanese, yet he is born and raised in Canada. Having also lived in Germany, Brazil and the UAE for the last 16 years, and immersing himself in these other cultures, he has learned a lot about human nature and connection.

All this has enriched David’s life and has allowed him to have better understanding of transitioning through life, advancing in one’s career, understanding human nature & cultural diversity and even starting from scratch.

Professional Experience / Qualifications

Professional Experience (19 years)

  • Executive Coach/Leadership Facilitator/Trainer/Mentor
  • Management Consultant
  • Satellite Telecommunication Engineer


  • Aberkyn/McKinsey Accredited Facilitator (Transformational Leadership)
  • ICF ACC – Associate Certified Coach (Coaching)
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Studied under Dr. Richard Bandler – founder of NLP)
  • Deep Change SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence)
  • Leadership Circle Profile & Culture Survey (Leadership Development)
  • CTT Practitioner – Barrett Values Centre (Cultural Transformation)
  • EQ-i 2.0 & 360 (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Belbin Team Roles (Team Effectiveness)
  • NBI Thinking Preferences (Psychometric)
  • Shingo Discover Excellence (Enterprise Excellence)

Academic Qualifications

  • MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) in Canada
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Canada
  • Executive Master Coach (ICF-ACTP Certified) from The Life Coaching Academy in Australia
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), studied under Dr. Richard Bandler, from The Society of NLP in the United Kingdom