“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb


Facilitation of Leadership Transformation


This workshop is an inner journey into our full potential through the raising of awareness & consciousness. It is a facilitation and not a training, due to the interactive & transformational nature of the program. It is experiential, explorative and draws wisdom from the group. Leaders are simultaneously and harmoniously working on their own objectives and have different take-aways, as everyone is at a different stage of their journey.

After participants have been selected, they are given reading materials and pre-work to do, giving them impactful information on who they are now and what their fullest potential would be, if they had no limiting beliefs holding them back. Each participant spends time assessing what is their most complex business challenge and brings this into the workshop. The entire workshop always focuses on learnings and how it links back to their organisation and their business challenge.

This workshop is highly interactive in small/medium sized groups. It includes somatic work, meditation, self-reflection time & coaching and offers deep insights, practices and theory/tools. The course taps into ancient wisdom, is grounded in science and always links back to the business context, which is essential to the value it offers organisations. Finding creative solutions to complex business challenges and fulfilling potential and purpose is one of the biggest challenges that leaders face in this dynamic world today. The core aim of this program is to transform mindsets about what is possible – to rewire neural pathways and unblock limiting beliefs.

Participants will have the opportunity to reframe their life stories – seeing how each life event can serve their growth, by taking ownership and being purposeful about how they want to show up and contribute at work.


Group Coaching


Group coaching is a valuable tool that can be described as a choreography of ideas and creative energies. With a facilitator leading and managing an intimate conversation space, employees are able to identify issues, prioritize them, create goals, discover gaps in thinking, understand different perspectives, discuss possible options and create a roadmap to move forward.

The group synergy operates at its best when the team is composed of participants willing to learn, understand one another and develop their shared values. This kind of facilitation allows access to ideas and feelings, and fosters not only self-awareness but also awareness of other’s perceptions.

Unlike a manager leading the session, having an external facilitator allows for the conversation to be led impartially, thus harmonizing the different dynamism of participants which allows for a more open & objective analysis.


Leadership Training


David offers leadership training that is custom-designed to each organisation’s needs. Apart from content, what is of utmost importance is context, application and organisational culture. David can custom design a training/facilitation workshop for your organisation based on several topics, including:

  • Leadership
  • Cultural transformation/organisational values
  • Coaching skills
  • Team effectiveness
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual intelligence


David is now offering his transformational workshops to individuals. To embark on an interactive and experiential journey into reaching your full potential sign up now!

David is now offering his transformational workshops to individuals. To embark on an interactive and experiential journey into reaching your full potential sign up now!