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Who I Am

7 languages. 48 countries. 5 continents. 3 ethnicities.

David was born & raised in Montreal (Canada) from parents who immigrated there from Egypt & Greece. He has also spent a significant part of his life living in Dubai (where he currently lives), Rio de Janeiro, Koblenz (Germany) and Abu Dhabi. He is truly passionate about human connection, has travelled to 48 countries and has lived in 4 different countries on 4 different continents.

David spends his free time learning languages (he speaks 7 – with a goal of speaking 10), reading books on spirituality & leadership, meditating, speaking at his Toastmasters club, traveling and engaging in several forms of exercise.

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What I Do

Executive Coaching. Leadership Facilitation. Training. Mentoring.

David Boulos is an experienced & certified executive coach, facilitator of leadership development programs and trainer that raises awareness, facilitates transformation and unlocks peak performance – both for individuals as well as teams. He has 19 years of professional work experience (14 years in the United Arab Emirates) and has undertaken executive coaching, leadership development & cultural transformation initiatives, with individuals, multinational corporations and government entities.

Prior to his coaching & leadership development journey, David worked in management consulting and over a 14-year span advised leaders on strategy, corporate finance, change management and performance improvement initiatives in multiple sectors including Education, Government, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Aviation, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Health Care.

David has also worked as an electrical engineer in the Satellite Telecommunications sector, designing, installing and testing earth stations for global communications.

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How I Do It

Theory. Storytelling. Coaching. Activities. Videos. Case Studies.

David works with corporations & government entities and facilitates transformation within teams. He designs programs with clients, ensuring that context, culture, application and results are always prioritized. He has been described by participants as an energetic, approachable and a relatable communicator that is clear, calm, engaging and knowledgeable.

David facilitates workshops with a good balance of theory, coaching, case studies, storytelling & activities.

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David also works with leaders in 1-to-1 executive coaching sessions tackling issues relating to adapting to change, leadership, emotional intelligence, strategic outlook & communication skills. With respect to 1-to-1 life coaching sessions, he helps individuals explore issues that include career change, health & wellness, finances, personal development, family and spirituality.

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Why I Do It

Guiding. Supporting. Compassion. Learning. Growth. Journey.

David’s mission is to help organisations succeed by unlocking peak performance & raising awareness – both for individuals and for teams – one leader at a time.

David’s journey towards working in professional & personal mastery started as a child with his parents. From a young age, his father Samir instilled in him the ethic of hard work and personal development, while his mother Maria instilled in him the values of care, love and compassion – all elements required for growth & awareness.

In his adult life, David challenged himself to live up to his full professional potential. It was only when reflecting back on his life and thinking about what he TRULY loved doing that the answer came to him. If there is one thing that David has noticed in his life, it is that he is generous with his time and never gets tired of listening to people and helping them navigate through their professional & personal challenges. Since his university days, he was always the go-to person to guide his friends & colleagues with issues that they were facing in their lives. To say that David’s ‘coaching’ career indirectly started 25 years ago would not be so far-fetched.

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David’s Credentials

Leadership Development

Cultural Transformation

Emotional Intelligence

Team Effectiveness

Bachelor in Engineering

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

Transformational Leadership

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Master in Business Administration 

Spiritual Intelligence

David is now offering his transformational workshops to individuals. To embark on an interactive and experiential journey into reaching your full potential sign up now!