“What happens if we develop our people and they leave? Well, what happens if we don’t and they stay?” – Unknown

Research suggests that a very significant percentage of a corporation’s value & worth is based on intangible assets – namely skilled employees, exceptional leaders and knowledge.

If there is one certainty in business, it is uncertainty. With today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, along with rising complexities and a shorter shelf-life for knowledge, the importance of the learning & development (L&D) function has become paramount.

The L&D role can be summarized in five key areas including:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Motivating and engaging employees
  • Building an employer brand
  • Creating a values-based culture
  • Developing people capabilities

More and more, employees are joining companies due to ‘opportunities for learning and development’ and leaving because of a lack of learning & development. Research shows that lifelong learning contributes to happiness and when employees are given the opportunity to learn and grow, they become more engaged and contribute much more to their organisations. Companies that are in the upper echelon of leadership outperform other organisations with respect to profits and hitting performance targets.

Whether 1-to-1 or in a group setting, leaders embarking on a journey with David can expect to feel inspired, learn new skillsets, shift their leadership style, transform personally, be liberated and have fun; all while learning in an engaging and caring environment. Coming from an analytical background (Engineering/MBA/Management Consulting), David is very pragmatic and excels in helping clients & organisations objectively create strategies for themselves to succeed.  However, his extroverted & open personality, leadership & coaching training and intuition, allows for great rapport and creates a safe place, where leaders can have powerful insights into their professional & personal developmental journey.

Leaders working with David can expect to be carefully listened to and challenged at times, yet guided and supported with the everyday challenges they face in their lives. Furthermore, due to his exposure to many public and private sector firms in the region, at a management level, leaders can expect David to also understand the challenges of leadership within their organisation and the region as a whole.

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